Good Noise Productions, a boutique music recording studio situated in Bryanston; Johannesburg, is owned by one of South Africas best music producers, Crighton Goodwill. With over 15 years experience of recording some of SA’s best, Crighton has gained much recognition by winning the MTN SAMA Award for best Producer.

Good Noise services include

  • song-writing
  • engineering
  • mixing
  • mastering
  • production and project management for all aspects of audio from albums to TV ads
    to film.

“I feel that a carefully crafted Soundtrack in any ‘Audio/Visual Production’ can enhance and stimulate all the emotions to an infinite degree, if done correctly. My Vision is to continually develop these skills together with all my talents to achieve technical and creative mastery in the art form of ‘Sonic Landscaping’ in order to create the appropriate outcome”.

“My strengths are that I am highly versatile in all of the Music Genres, ranging from Modern R&B / Hip-Hop right down to Classical. This has always allowed me to work comfortably in all of the ‘Music domains and mediums’. These being ‘Contempory Music Albums’, ‘Sound to Picture’, ‘Themes’ and ‘TV Jingles / Ads’.”

If you would like and more information please give us a call on  0880 535 125